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Looking to contribute

TALENTEAM is a viable social-business, answering a business potential in addition to important social need.

We are interested in expanding our supporter base with impact and  philanthropic funds in order to strengthen the agency and its infrastructure, and from that point forward.

The lead investor is Zeevi Bregman, former CEO of NICE Ltd. (Nasdaq "NICE"), Additional to:

  • Alan Filed

  • Asaad Jubran

  • Elah Alkalay

  • Ghassan Abu Nassar

  • Zaki Diab

  • Aylon Slater

  • ivn impact fund

  • Mubadarat Fund

We are interested in expanding our investor base in order to strengthen the agency, meet the market demand and bring Arab talents to leave up to their potential.


Get Involved, Join Us!


Derech Menahem Begin 121, Tell Aviv\\ \\ 073-284-4538

Thanks for submitting!

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